Friday, December 21, 2007

Ho ho ho - it's Dylan Claus!

Dylan is definitely in the holiday spirit this year! He loves wearing a Santa hat all year round - (mainly because he thinks he looks like "Link" from Super Smash Brothers...) and he has been wearing one that is REALLY old and very scraggly looking. Yesterday I took him to Target to buy a new one. He was SO happy! He was wearing it in the store and we saw a friend of mine. Dylan knows her and usually calls her "Sister Garcia." Well, he went up to her in Target and said, "Ho ho ho, Monique! What do YOOOOOOU want for Christmas?" He then proceeded to tell her that he was going to give her a can of hairspray in her stocking - since he seems to think that is what ALL girls want for Christmas.

We then rain into our Stake Patriarch! Dylan told him that he was going to give him a Wii for Christmas! I can just see our Patriarch playing on a Wii! Dylan wished everyone we saw in the store a "Merry Christmas!!" over and over. He has this holiday spirit thing DOWN!