Thursday, January 10, 2008

Favorite Kid Stuff

I was checking out my sis-in-law Tiffany's blog and she had scanned a few pictures that her kids had had never occurred to me to do that! Thanks, Tiffany!

So I thought I would put a couple of my favorites up for all to enjoy :o)
This first picture is one that surprised me a little - it is by Dylan, and he made it at church. Normally he is asked to draw something gospel-oriented, but usually draws something Star
Wars oriented! When I asked him about the above picute, he said "That is me at the bottom, praying. I made a flower with my prayers." I asked him about the person up top, fully expecting it to be Boba Fett from Star Wars (with a jet pack) but he simply said, "That's Jesus."

Next picture is, of course, is a Star Wars scene in all it's glory...

This last picture is by Zack - he loves to draw comic strips! He wrote this one this past summer but I thought it was so funny that it has been up on the fridge ever since then...

I know it might be kind of hard to read since it's in pencil...

1st frame says, "I wonder what other powers this suit has?"
2nd frame: "Flame shot!"
3rd frame: "Spike through!"
4th frame: another person walks up and says, "Hi"
5th frame: our hero says "Hey" back and raises his arm, immediately frying the person, who says, "Aaaaaaaaaa"
6th frame: "Oops." (Only the legs of the fried person are still there.)

He is so creative and funny! Zack is awesome!


Deej and Lex said...

Hi!! We read you faithfully every week! This last post was sooooo funny. I had tears in my eyes I was giggling so much. You are so entertaining. Love ya!