Saturday, January 12, 2008

Out for Dinner

We all went out to Tokyo Steakhouse for dinner last night - Tappan Yaki is ALWAYS a treat! Both boys (and parents) love the food, but Dylan is not so crazy about the flames...we all had a great time, though!I adore the above photo of Matt and Zack - Zack loved using the chopsticks! I think he was getting about 3 grains of rice at a time, but he was having fun!

Above photo is me with Dylan...Matt and I don't get to sit together very often - we must divide and conquer! How are we going to manage that when we have another one??

So here's the chef getting ready to make the onion volcano...

...And here is where Dylan is!

Like I said, he's not too crazy about the flames! (I took a photo of the big flames, but it just looks like a big blur of fire, so I won't post that one.)

Good time was had by all! Zack even lost a tooth as we were leaving! Never a dull moment.


Anonymous said...

Poor Dylan! Your family is so darn cute Nicole! In case you hadn't noticed....