Friday, February 8, 2008

Flashback Friday: 1999

Zack and Ivy!

I LOVE this picture of Zack and his cousin Ivy. Zack was born in 1997, Ivy in 1998. They have been good buddies from day one. My mom took this photo of them at the top of the stairs in her house in Kanab. I love the way they are looking adoringly at each other. I know my sister Jess has this photo up in her house, and we do too. Zack still says it's his favorite picture!

Another shot of cute little Zack in 1999. He is wearing one of my younger sister's slippers. Good fashion choice :o)

And here is a picture of Zack and Ivy today! I love that they still just adore each other.


Coopercomics said...

That is my favorite picture in Jess's house!!! You can just feel the love when you look at it.

Luke, Katy, and Ava said...

Wow- I totally remember the little Zack! He was such a cutie and he still is :) How fun to be so close to a cousin (and it will totally be cool for him in the future that she is a girl and can hook him up with her friends!!!)