Friday, February 22, 2008

Flashback Friday: Nauvoo in 2007

Ok, ok...I know 2007 isn't that long ago - but I wanted to make a record of our fantastic trip to Nauvoo, IL last summer. Matt's parents are on a mission there (returning this April) and so we ALL went to Nauvoo for a week last July. ALL meaning ALL Matt's siblings and their families, along with Gr-uncle Dan Watson. TONS of fun!

Here is the home we stayed in - right in old Nauvoo. It was built around 1843. That's Z-man on the front porch. It was a VERY funky old place. It was wonderful to be staying right in old Nauvoo!

The first place we went when we arrived was the Brickyard - there they demonstrated how the bricks were made. Pictured L to R: Me with Loie, Dylan, Zack, Keenan and Matt.

Here is a picture of Matt's parents (Poppi and Gigi!) in the stage performance of Sunset on the Mississippi. Poppi was the narrator, and Gigi was a penny whistle player. The kids LOVED seeing them on stage.

The next photo is of Gigi in her costume for another show they were in, Rendezvous. All the kiddos were running around repeating her famous line from the show, "Don't dawdle, George!!" Dylan still busts it out once in a while. He also does a REALLY good imitation of Poppi running down the aisle in the playhouse.

Here is the Mansion House, where Joseph and Emma lived in Nauvoo. Below are the actors who depicted Joseph and Emma. Pretty incredible.

The Kids LOVED Pioneer Pastimes - it was a place where all the kids and families could go and play all the different games that the pioneer children played - tons of fun! (Notice Dylan's nice scar on his eyebrow - we'd had an ER trip the week before in Kanab. Ugh.) Zack loved the stilts, and Dylan got ticked off at pretty much everything until he figured out how to work most of the toys. One of the Sister missionaries even told me he needed an "attitude adjustment!" Sadly, I had to agree with her...

The mighty Mississippi! Truly beautiful. We loved all the lily pads. Can you imagine crossing this, covered in ice? Hard to imagine what they all went through, leaving Nauvoo in the freezing cold like that. Humbling and inspiring to be there.

Cute picture of Dylan, Zack and Keenan on the street outside our house. Keenan had already made several visits to Nauvoo with his family - he knew the place like the back of his hand!

Below is the Carthage Jail. This is the window that Joseph fell out of after he was shot and killed by the mob. I had to go over and run my hand across the window sill.

The rebuilt Nauvoo Temple! We were able to take part in a session there.

The Smith family Red Brick Store

We all enjoyed being on the wagon ride through Nauvoo - with Gigi as the narrator! Here is a cute picture of Loie and Tishele during the ride.

We were fortunate to be able to go and visit an Amish family who lived nearby - Poppi and Gigi had befriended them. They were incredibly nice and very interesting. We could not take pictures of them, but I did get a picture of Dylan next to their buggy.

A great picture of Rick and Tyler "pulling sticks." I do know who won, but in the interest of brotherly harmony, I'll keep it to myself :o)

Zachary Joseph Smith with the actors portraying Joseph Smith and Emma Smith. Zack thought this was pretty cool. He has this picture framed in his room.

All the Madsen's! This was taken in the Seventies Hall in Nauvoo on Max's blessing day (teeny baby on the right).

There are MANY more pictures I could post, but I am starting to get a sore neck from sitting at the computer, so I'll end it here :o)
What a wonderful time we had in Nauvoo! The memories we made and the spirit that we felt there will never be forgotten. I feel so blessed that we were able to make this trip - I know it is something the children will always remember, as will I. I am so grateful for the sacrifices that the pioneer saints made for us all - Nauvoo was a great reminder of all that - such a testimony builder. I know they are all SO happy to see their little town prospering once again.


Sarah said...

Wow, that looked like a lot of fun! I have always wanted to go to Nauvoo! Maybe someday!:)

The Green Bunch said...

What an awesome experience for your family! Memories that will last forever! Great pics!

Cecily R said...

I am so SO jealous!! That is a vacation that has been on my list for ages. Love all your pictures!!

Jason, Amanda, and Sadie said...

I just love all of those pictures! Looking at them again gives you such a great spirit :) Especially the window picture. Love you!!

Luke, Katy, and Ava said...

That trip looked like so much fun! It looks like you have TWO really great families now- very very lucky. I love Zack's shirt that say "caution extremely awesome!" How cute. I think that you get the number one mom of the year award (shoot- I was hoping for it!)