Monday, April 14, 2008

Tiger of the Month!

Dylan was chosen as "Tiger of the Month" for his class, under the pillar of "trustworthiness." The school has a different character pillar every month. His teacher wrote up some things about Dylan and why he was chosen. She said that he always tells the truth, that he is kind to everyone and always turns in his work on time, among other things. He felt SO good about himself! I was very happy for him. Zack also got Tiger of the Month a couple of years ago under the "trustworthiness" pillar. I am very happy that we seem to be raising trustworthy boys!

Here is a picture of Dylan with the Vice Principal, Mr. Wagner. He came in to present the award to Dylan.

Yahoo, Dylan!!


Cecily R said...

Way to go Dylan! That is great!

Tammi Shepherd said...

Yahoo Dylan! It just shows what a great mom you are, keep up the good work.