Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday Tell-All: Hometown Favorites

My favorite place to...

grab lunch: Strings (a little Italian restaurant) or Max's (best sweet potato fries evah)

go for date night: Tahoe Joe's

pick up some creative goodies: Love to hit good old Michaels once in a while.

keep the kids busy: the Bogle's (our friends) back yard!

get wet: Grami Snow's pool in Fresno and the Veyo pool when visiting southern Utah

buy a treat: Cold Stone Creamery

shop for fun: all the little shops in Fig Garden. Isn't shopping just about anywhere fun??

get some fresh air: Even though I am not close to southern Utah anymore, I still have to say Zion National Park. Anyone know some good places for fresh air around here?? I asked Zack and his reply was "ummm, outside?"

splurge: anyplace for a pedicure! (I need one BADLY right now...)

drive for a weekend away: Avila Beach


Cecily R said...

I love Zions!! And I so need a pedicure right now too!!!!!

Jason, Amanda, and Sadie said...

I was thinking the answers I would have for these questions...food town, Junction. My destinations are a little limited :) Mom bought me a pedicure for my bday! Woohoo! now i just need to use it