Friday, May 30, 2008

4th Grade Goes to the Zoo!

I had a moment of temporary insanity and signed up to be a chaperon for the 4th grade trip to the zoo today. I was thinking I was totally nuts, and then they gave me my assigned group - 5 boys! Yep - definitely nuts. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the kids were - we had a blast. My feet ache, my back aches, I am tired...but all worth it just to hang with Z and his friends.

Here we go - Zack and his friend Ricky on the way to the zoo. Gotta love a 20 minute bus ride. I was unfortunately sitting on the seat with the "hump" on the floor. Remember the "hump?" Not so bad when you are a kid. As a 5'10 adult? Not good.

Here is my crew in front of the elephants. L to R: Zack, Joey, Ricky, Nikita and Giovanni (He told me to call him "G". I like it.)

They were all cracking up at this. The prairie dogs were dog-piling on each other. Prairie DOGS, DOG piling....get it?? Haha. I love a 10 year old's sense of humor.

Zack and Ricky. I told them to say "cheese" and they both did this. Great minds think alike.

The boys at the stingray exhibit. COOL to be able to touch and feed the stingrays. I still smell like fish tonight from helping the boys with the food. Blech!

Zack's 4th grade class, the future leaders of America. (Zack, Mr. Future-President, is in the back with the yellow shirt.)

And another year is winding to a close! Hard to believe there is only one more week of school left. Zack is headed to 5th grade next year. I was meeting a cute boy named Mike at the roller rink when I was in 5th grade. Help me!