Friday, May 23, 2008

Flashback Friday: 1982

Let's go waaaaaay back in time...Here's a picture of a young, TALL Nicole and her fast-pitch softball team. This is the championship softball team from our league in Moab - this picture was taken in Payson, Utah after the state championship tournament - We took 4th place. (Lost a HEARTBREAKER or we would have been in the championship game. I still remember it - a girl named Mona or Myra struck out. Ugh!)

I don't remember everyone's name in the picture, but I do remember some. The coaches are Alex Leech (the woman) and Kelly Cooper - my DAD! He was the best coach ever. He always used to tell me to stop running like a girl. Top row, third from left was Debbie Horton, our pitcher. #23 is Trisha Packard. Next to her is Mona or Myra - the one who struck out. Boo. I am the tallest one right in the middle of the back row - FIRST base was my domain. Next to me in orange is my best friend Nettie Secrest. Next to her is Raquel. The little one by my Dad is Stephanie. I'm not sure about the rest of them...(the two with different uniforms were "pick-up" players. As City champs, we could pick up two players from other teams to go to state and play with us.)

GREAT memories! To this day, I still LOVE the smell of the dirt and grass on a ball field...