Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Camping Wishes

Dylan drew this picture shortly after the Father - Son camp out...I LOVE the tall, tall trees. We have had it on the fridge for a while now. Dylan was looking at it the other day, and the following conversation took place:

Dylan: I want to go camping again.
Mom, in an offhand sort of way: We can go camping again sometime - That would be fun.
Dylan: I want to have a MOTHER - SON camp out!
Mom: What? (Giggle) Matt, did you tell him to say that??
Matt: (Laughing) No! I didn't! (Laughing some more)

Now I am having visions of me and the boys camping out...with Matt at home giving himself a facial or THAT would be something to blog about!!


Cecily R said...

I must admit, I would be a complete and total disaster if I had to camp without Jon. It would be really really sad...

That said, the vision I have now of Jon having a facial just might be worth trying it out!! :)

Sarah Greener said...

hahaha that is funny. Dylan seems like such a funny happy guy! Oh and I love the drawing that he did!

Jason, Amanda, and Sadie said...

Yeah right!! I would flip out camping by myself with two boys!! AHH!