Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Good Times at Madsen Ranch

Cousins Kade, Dallin, and Blake were here for the week - we love it when they come! We all had a yummy dinner at Poppi and Gigi's house, and of course we all played and played.

Aunt Tish made horsie cupcakes. So cool!

All the kids LOVED eating them up - what a mess, but oh so good.

Poppi just bought a miniature horse! Her name is "Cutie" and she is pregnant. We can't wait to have a new little one wobbling around!

Lots of goofiness, laughing, and running around.

Dylan and Dallin love to help Poppi feed the chickens our corn cobs from dinner.

Favorite photo of the evening: Dallin, Mr. Blue Eyes.
We just love our cousins, and we love to play at Madsen Ranch.


Tishele said...

It won't hurt my feelings if everyone thinks the cupcakes look more like giraffes than horses...those darn magazines that make crafts look sooo easy. I was missing the special "circus peanut" candy that makes the shape of a horse's head. At least they tasted good...

Nicole said...

They were so cute! A new breed of long-necked horses :o)