Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday Tell-All: The Five Senses...Taste

Favorite things to taste...

-TOMATOES from Dad's garden (all gardens are good, but my Dad's is the best!)
-Salt and Pepper chips
-very sweet grapes
-Homemade ice cream
-My boys faces (kisses!)
-Joe's steak at Tahoe Joe's
-Mom's Corn Chex Chicken
-Milk Duds during the movie
-Artichoke with butter (mmmm...)
-Matt's tuna melts
-warm artichoke dip with crusty bread
-Fettuccini Alfredo
-Apples with peanut butter
-Celery with cream cheese
-Strawberries with sour cream and brown sugar (Really! So gooood.)

Oh, I could go on and on...I like food waaaaay too much.


Laura Edwards said...

I love milk duds at the movies too!

~Savy* said...

Mmmmmmm....We had corn chex chicken last night :)