Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my sweet, beautiful, funny, smart, athletic, very cool mom...(I won't say how old she is, but I am 38 and she was 19 when I was born.) You do the math. (She tells people that her oldest "nearly" 30. Right. I'm 38.)

Love you Mommy!

AND - happy birthday to my creative, talented, funny sister-in-law Alexis! (pictured here with my one-and-only brother Deej the Weej, and their daughter Kel-Bel)

May your day be filled with GOOD things!


Coopercomics said...

ok you get points for showing a photo of me that was not too ugly. But why in the heck did you rat on my age? Hopefully some of my friends are like me and simply cannot do the math. I love you cole. I do not understand the droopy pants things either. . .

Valerie said...

Happy Birthday Mom Coop! It's ok if your age has been exposed! You are one of those beautiful women that doen't look her age AT ALL!! You're still as beautiful as ever! Love ya! Val