Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's Crazy Tie Day!

It's Red Ribbon Week at School - where they teach the kids all about drug awareness and saying NO to drugs. Each day they have a different "spirit" day. Today was crazy tie day, or as I like to call it, pick-out-one-of-Dad's-ties-and-drag-it-all-over-the-playground day.

Wolf howling at the moon boy, joined by Halloween tie boy.

Yep - in the immortal words of Whitney Houston, "crack is whack."
Say NO to drugs!


Mommy Madness said...

Fun! That's happening at our schools too!

Rebecca said...

I'm totally laughing 'cuz I remember watching the Whitney Houston interview with my sister-in-law. She said something like , "Do you think I would do crack? I make too much money to smoke crack. Crack is whack." I totally agree with her, but poor Whitney was strung out on something when she said it.

Coopercomics said...

Today for Kelly it is crazy hair day....she has six pony tails...it certainly was silly. I should take a picture of it, so you can see it. The weird thing about the red ribbon week here is that they gave Kelly a bright yellow plastic bracelet. Not like the live strong ones...but like a hospital bracelet. If they keep it on all week they get a sticker...but it gets so nasty at school. I am always washing it. Cool idea people.

Nicole said...

Haha Rebecca! I remember watching that and thinking, oh poor Whitney - she has TOTALLY lost it. What a waste!! (So funny now!)