Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Latest Obsession

For many, many years it was Star Wars. We moved through phases of Spiderman, Batman, (we skipped over Superman, although Dylan did dress as him for Halloween a couple of years back) and most recently, The Incredible Hulk. We have a new obsession, folks.


I do not really know how this happened. Dylan started comparing the size of EVERYTHING to Godzilla. "The Statue of Liberty isn't as big as Godzilla!" or "The Hulk is stronger than everyone...except Godzilla!" I am not even sure how he knows about Godzilla in the first place.

So, as parents, of course we feed into the obsession. When Matt and I were in Sacramento this past weekend, we were in a retro-style toy store. Matt comes round the corner....holding a Godzilla toy. Oh! I said, we have to buy that for Dylan! (Yes, it was me. I will take the blame.)

Zack's not quite sure what to think of all this Godzilla madness.

So now the obsession has extended from toys to MOVIES. OK now, I am fine with playing with the toys and having Godzilla drawings and talking about him all the time, but must I watch the movies?? Total silliness. We are now on our second Japanese Godzilla movie, and as I am watching them, I am thinking I would just rather have someone stick a fork in my eye instead.

I am really ready for the next phase.


Jill said...

OMGosh! I totally had a friend when I was nine that was a Godzilla freak! He even taught me how to draw him and made me watch the movies with him too! Ouch! The fork in the eye sounds like a bad idea, although I know someone who can help you if you do take that route. And I love the first pic of Dylan - priceless!

Rebecca said...

Atleast your kid doesn't desire to be a poodle. . . . .

Nicole said...

Haha - you've got me on that one, Rebecca!