Saturday, November 8, 2008

Another Soccer-Filled Saturday

It is a rare day when Matt and I can BOTH attend the ENTIRE game for BOTH boys. Lucky us! Dylan's game was in the morning and Zack's game was in the afternoon. Both boys played well. Zack's game was a real nail-biter! I enjoy cheering them both on and making a fool of myself on the sidelines :)

Dylan - hanging out at Zack's game, climbing fences and ripping his shirt.

Zack and his team the "Destroyers" at halftime.

Zack watching Dylan's game.

Coach Matt - doing "net" duty first thing in the morning before D's game.

Dylan - GAME face!

Only a couple more weeks of soccer left now. While it is definitely a challenge keeping all the schedules straight, I am really going to miss it!


Rebecca said...

I have to comment on the Depeche Mode song. I love SOMEBODY! I bought the piano book back when I was 16 -- so about 5 years ago -- and I would play SOMEBODY over and over and over. If only I had a voice like yours! So, come over and sing Depeche Mode, wear ALL black, and I'll play the piano.

Nicole said...

Rebecca! A Depeche Mode sing-along?? I am so IN!!