Thursday, December 18, 2008

Photos, Photos, Photos

I have been a family picture-taking MACHINE lately - I thought I would post of few of my favorites here. The pecan orchard has been in FULL glory with all the changing leaves, so everyone wanted to take advantage of it for their pictures. What a great location!

The Clausen Family

The Parkin kids

The Bogle/Freeman Family

The Ashcrafts!

The WHOLE Ashcrafts :)

The Clausen's, after the shoot - headed back through Poppi and Gigi's yard. I love the way this looks!


shel said...

I wish I could have my family's photo in the pecan orchard, it's beautiful! We have six inches of new snow and I still haven't done my Christmas cards! You are a fabulous photographer! Miss you.

Laura Edwards said...

These pictures are amazing!! We should have had you do a little photo session with Matt & I over thanksgiving. Maybe NEXT TIME....

Nicole said...

Yes, Laura! Anytime!