Thursday, January 8, 2009

He's a Pretty Good Kid

Zack's birthday was back in November, and I meant to post this long ago. Each member of his school class wrote a letter to Zack about why they liked him, and just wished him a happy birthday. These are two of my favorites:

(Click on the letters to see them bigger...this one is obviously from another LDS kid in his class. Very nice!)

This one is just cute - it made me laugh!

He's a pretty good kid. I think we'll keep him.


The Cutlers said...

Hey I love your new page. It is way cute. :) Loved the lil letters to Zack. He is a cutie pie.

Jason, Amanda, and Sadie said...

hahahaha, that is the best ever!! Never throw that away, that is priceless!! Zack shouldn't have circled yes, he should have written a big DUH!! and circled it.

Carmen said...

Hey Nicole!!
It has been a looonng time! I can't believe how grown up Zack is...seems like he was just a little baby.

I love your blog! And I'm guessing that you do photography?...(I love the pictures).
You have 2 cute boys! As you probably saw I have 2 boys myself. They are the best, huh? :)
Talk to ya later!