Saturday, February 21, 2009

HaPpY UnBiRtHdAy To YoU!!!

For our first Primary Activity Day of the year, we had a Happy UN-Birthday Party for all the kids. We had a great time, and a wonderful turnout. 76 kids! We encouraged the kids to bring friends to the activity, and I saw several kids I didn't know, which is great. They are a wonderful bunch of little missionaries.

Goody bags and mini-cupcakes for all the kids at the end of the activity.

This was one of the four stations. We started with everyone together playing limbo, dancing, and doing the hokey-pokey. Then we separated them into groups and had four activities...a balloon stomp, pin the bow on the present, musical chairs and bingo (pictured below).

All the presidency dressed as CLOWNS!! Sue really went all out. She looked fantastic (and only a little scary.).

Yep, this is me. Being a clown. Attempting to conquer my childhood fear of clowns after seeing Poltergeist as a kid. The movie It didn't help much, either. Baby steps...

(Below)Isn't this the coolest Primary Presidency you have EVER seen?? Top L to R: Nicole, Angie and Karen. Bottom row: L to R: Sue and Monique. I love these ladies!!

I am nose-less in this picture. I like me better with the nose. The kids kept wanting to squeeze it or poke it.
(In case you were wondering, we are doing jazz-hands.)

Angie (my 3rd counselor. Yes, we have a humongous Primary so I get THREE counselors! All the other Primary presidents out there are totally jealous.) did all the decorating. A fantastic job! Loved her green wig. For some reason it reminded me of Gwen Stefani. She is so adorable! Angie, not Gwen. Well, Gwen is cute too, but I am talking about Angie.

Here's the D-man, playing around before the activity started. Good times.

Karen, my 2nd counselor. SO fun and cute!! She is rockin' those pig tails.

Sue (1st counselor) and Monique (music leader) getting all clown-ified before the activity.

Another great activity! Now we can breathe a little until the next one comes in May.

I LOVE Primary!


Gwen Hawkins said...

OH so fun!! Looks like it was a great activity!! LOVE the pics! Sue rocks for sure!! Love the editing on D's pic too!! Great job Nicole! :)

The Gage Cage said...

What a FUN FUN FUN activity! I'm going to have bring this up next pres mtng!

Ali said...

That looks like it was tons of fun! That may just have to be the theme for my next party...