Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fools Day, Baseball Style

Yesterday (April FOOLS Day) was my turn to bring treats after Dylan's baseball game. For the past TWO games, the people who were responsible for treats forgot to bring theirs (don't worry Tiffany, I'm not naming any names.), so I decided I would do something a little extra-fun for the kids, besides the usual cracker packets or ice cream bars. Since it was April Fools Day, I thought good 'ol worms 'n dirt cupcakes just might do the trick.

Just in case you don't know, here's how to make them - easy and fun.

Bake cupcakes as normal - yes, use the box mix. Betty Crocker was put here on this earth for a reason, friends. They're kids. They don't care if they are made from scratch.

Frost cupcakes, also from a can. Yep - that's how I roll.

Crush up oreo cookies on a plate until they are the lovely consistency of potting soil. Dip the frosted cupcake into the crushed oreo. (I used to sprinkle the oreo on top, but this way they look MUCH better and are SO much easier. Plus, the oreo stays in place.)
Voila! Nice and dirty looking. Mmmmmmm.
Place all the copcakes together in a pan, or on the counter, or whatever.

Break out the gummy worms! I have found that the best way to get them in is to use a butter knife to push them into the cupcake. This is not a very good shot, but isn't my knife nice and shiny? Pretty.

And there you have it! Nasty looking and yummy. Just what all little boys love.

And here is where I meant to take a picture of all the kids eating their cupcakes. I got distracted and forgot. Yay, me. But they truly did love them, trust me. I tried to convince a couple of them that one of the cupcakes had real dirt, but they weren't buyin' it.
Smart kids.
(BTW - She-who-shall-not-be-named redeemed herself by sending treats to practice. Good for her!)


Kelly said...

mmm... those look yummy!!!

Jen said...

now that is a great idea. my son would love those.

Goldibug said...

I so need to make these for my kids! Last time my family made these we just crumbled cake in a clear plastic cup with crushed oreos on top stuffed with worms of course ;o)

Pam said...

Betty Crocker users unite!

Matt Madsen said...

Everyone loves these. I'm still hoping that we can get some real earthworms in those some day. Kind of like in "How to Eat Fried Worms".

Bethany said...

I love these cupcakes- reminds me of the dirt pudding we used to have as kids :)

Janna Bee said...

My son would LOVE these! Great idea!