Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happiness Is...

A great big push on the swing from Dad,

(Matt and Dylan at the park in Kanab)

Having a Grami who lets you wear her great big sunglasses,

(Cousins Loie and Chloe at Grami's on Easter)

Showing off a great pair of Sketchers,

(niece Mia on the Crosby swing in Kanab - again, being pushed by Matt!)

A good project,

(Zack - excavating a dinosaur!)

And the feel of the sun on your face.

(Zack with Aunt Savannah and Aunt Emily at the Sand Dunes in Kanab)

Happy Friday! (It's already my head :)


Angie said...

Is it Friday in California?

"FINE"al thoughts... said...

Happiness indeed! What a sweet family!

M@ said...

I always love your pictures, Nicole!!!!! The pictures I posted some pictures on my last blog entry, and I honestly thought of u the whole time :) I was like, "will my pictures be as good as Nicole's???"

Happy friday!