Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Late, Great Home Improvement Post

I do believe this will officially be the longest photo-post ever in the history of Madsen Madness. I've been so very absent lately, I thought that the three of you who read my blog on a semi-regular basis might like to know what I've been up here ya go. My new house, in all its glory.

Casa de Madsen! Though this house was not a foreclosure, it was a short sale, so it had been empty for about six months. A lot can decay in six months, let me tell ya. We've mowed the yard, but that's about it so far for work on the outside of the house. We need to trim up and yank out a few more bushes. It's on the very long to-do list.

Do you dig the old carpet and carpet padding on the front porch. We are classy people.

I have always wanted a yellow laundry room! We had a yellow laundry room when I was a kid in Moab, Utah. Hey siblings, do any of you remember that? It was HUGE! Mine is little, but it is lovely in all its antique yellow glory.

The pool. I could kick myself for not getting a 'before' picture of this. Let me paint a picture for was green and mossy and at one time had a dead mouse floating in it. This is a BIG improvement.

This is the living room BEFORE we got a hold of it. I hired a guy to paint it and scrape and re-texture the popcorn/cottage cheese ceilings. It was SPONGE painted. Now, I think sponge painting definitely had its day, and I'm sorry if I offfend any sponge paint lovers out there, but it is just NOT my thing. The carpet was old and very stained and dirty.

The living room AFTER. Ta-da! Painted a lovely shade called 'cup of cocoa' and hardwood laminate floors installed by my darling Matt and our friends for LIFE, Kurt, Skyler and Anthony. I haven't done much decorating, but I love it already! It's a great room for voice lessons - nice acoustics!

This is still a work in progress - the baby room. For the baby we are patiently waiting to get. Lucky baby!!

Also a work in progress. The game room. This is one of the five bedrooms upstairs. We'll have a spare bed for visitors (hint hint!) and a TV with all the video game systems here. Otherwise known as boy heaven.

Yes, this is Dylan's room. It was ALREADY PAINTED PURPLE. He actually likes it! My friend Sue and I have grand plans to turn this into a black and white room. Most likely in the next month or so.

Zack's room! He loves this room, and I do too. The striping was quite time consuming, but totally worth it. The horizontal stripe goes all around the room and there are vertical stripes like these on each wall. So cool!
Where all the magic happens, baby. Sue and I painted this room as well. The entire room use to be that gold color you see on the top. I love how it looks with the bedding.

This is the BEFORE picture of the living room. Not bad. Just wanted to warm up the colors a little bit.
After! This is still a work in progress, but we love it so far. The color we used is called "whispering wheat." It makes me happy.
Here are the kitchen cabinets before we started painting the kitchen. Now, I know they weren't hideous or anything, but I really didn't like the kitchen much at all. Til we painted it...

Black!! And now I love it! It's very retro looking.
Here is our very high tech painting process. Spray paint, baby. We were high on paint fumes for days.
Fuel for painting. Sonic made a lot of money off me.
Here is the hutch that I bought off of Craigslist for $120.00. It had been quite neglected. Sue, Monique and I plopped it into the back yard in the old house and got to spraying it.
Here is what it looked like before. Not pretty.
Here is what it looks like now. Pretty! And great storage, too! We had planned on installing more cabinets here, which would have cost us about $800.00 to do ourselves. This cost us $120.00 and six cans of spray paint. Much better. We painted the wall red, too.
One of my favorite features. The lovely toilet seat in the downstairs half-bath. I bought a new one, and so far it is sitting there right next to this one, waiting for Matt to install it. I just can't bring myself to take this one off. For some reason it freaks me out. Dylan says he thinks the creatures on here just might be real. I think he might be right.

And there you have it! I have been a busy girl. More home improvement posts will be coming. Now I've gotta go paint something!


Cortney said...

We will defiantly keep your spare room in mind!!!! And I am sad that you are changing out that awesome toilet seat... too bad!

Janet said...

I love all of it. Just gorgeous! Except that creepy toilet seat.

Angie said...

Good work! I love it. Improvements are fun but a lot of work, I know what you mean about the very long to-do list! We had popcorn ceilings and we retextured everything too. Lots of work but definitely necessary! And I'm LOL because we too have a "beautiful" toilet seat that I HATE but my daughter loves it cuz it's "cushy" and I swore it wasn't staying but it's still there and we've been in 6 months!!

Karen said...

Wowzah! You guys have been BUSY!

I love the colors you picked. Especially that red. I have always wanted a red kitchen that is about that shade. Love it!

Laura Edwards said...

WOW!! It's all gorgeous and spunky! I love all the colors!!

Bethany said...

Wow, it looks great! The toilet seat made me laugh though!

Gwen Hawkins said...

Love it all!!!

shel said...

Beautiful Cole! You did a wonderful job and all without Marlo -haha. I want to come and stay, maybe I'll get out there this spring. I've been in my house 3 years and haven't made a dent on my list. Now remember just because you have the pool does not mean you need to be St. George tan :)

Carmen said...

Wow, you HAVE been busy! :) But your house looks amazing--I love what all you guys did!!
We are short-selling our house too, hopefull it will sell soon, or right after we move! :-S

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