Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mantels, Musings, Marriage and a Marvelous New Ward

A post about this-n-that...

Up until a few weeks ago, we were members of the Dry Creek ward (of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints.) It was an unbelievably huge ward - I was the Primary President (the head kid-wrangler) and we had 180 kids in Primary. Huge! The powers that be created a new ward - the Shepherd ward. Now, I am not a member of this ward (I am now in the Orchard View ward due to boundary changes and our new house), but my good friend Monique just so happened to be made the RS President (the head lady-wrangler) of this new ward - lucky girl! So she asked me to take this ward photo.

Entitle this photo "new beginnings", or "how many Mormons can you fit in one picture in the blazing heat?"

(Yet another reason I love Photoshop - a young girl threw up just before this photo was taken. Right in front. Click - click - vomit gone!! Love it.)

My friend and co-worker Kelley is getting married in November. She had a Hawaiian themed bridal shower. I caught this picture. Happiness!

The obligatory first-day-of-school picture. This was not taken in front of our house. This was taken in front of some random person's house near the school when I realized I forgot to TAKE the obligatory first-day-of-school picture. My apologies to the random person whose license plate I now have on internet display because I am too lazy to blur it out. Is that illegal? Hmm...

Zack - 6th grade, Dylan - 2nd grade
Dylan started Cub Scouts! Salute!

And finally, here is how the mantel in my family room turned out. Cute, don't you think?


Karen said...

We have about 600 members in our ward, but only about 200 are active and only about 12 of those are in primary. I do miss wards with big primaries, even though it usually meant I was called to be a primary teacher.

Fun pictures! And I love what you've done with your mantle.

The Holland Family said...

Very cute mantel and I have that very same clock! Does yours still work? Mine lost it's umph. Love that Ebbi Lou. She did a great job and I still use mine as decor. I want to see a picture of your new house. Love, Nicole H.

shel said...

I so love to read your musings. Mantle looks great, magic vomit gone, super mom who at least remembered the photo (I didn't), you are my idol!

Amanda P. said...

Love the mantel!! love those boys!! LOVE YOU!!!