Monday, September 14, 2009

Weirdness at the VMA's

Matt and I sat down and watched the MTV VMA's last night after the kids were tucked safely in their beds. It is usually fairly entertaining and even though I haven't seen any of the videos (hey, remember when MTV used to play videos??), we usually like the performances.

Wow, what a show we got.

Unless you live under a rock, you know that Taylor Swift won the award for best female video, and that Kanye West felt the need to come up and INTERRUPT her speech to voice his opinion that Beyonce had the best video, causing me to promptly erase Stronger as my ringtone.

Shame on you, Kanye.

And then there was Lady Gaga and her outfits. I guess I should give her props for being so 'out there.' I dunno. I guess the car-pooling, Mormon mom is me is just way beyond this kind of nuttiness.

Pink and Beyonce both gave great performances, and I just loved the Michael Jackson tribute. They did a great job with that. Too bad Kanye and his antics completely overshadowed it. I'm not really a Taylor Swift fan (she's off key a LOT), but I'm definitely with her on this one.
And while we're on the subject - hey MTV - play some videos once in a while!


Karen said...

I didn't watch the show because as much as I love music, I'm not a big fan of the music industry. But I have seen the Taylor/Kanye clip about a dozen times today. I just can't even believe it. And I bet he felt pretty stupid when Beyonce won the big prize later.

I think Taylor is adorable and I think she looked completely shocked and unsure of what to do in that moment, but Beyonce showed a lot of class bringing her back up on stage.

And Lady Gaga MUST be from another planet. I'm pretty sure.

Angie said...

I didn't watch it but I must add my 2 cents on Taylor Swift. She's cute, she's fun, she has pretty good stage presence, I think she had a real talent for song-WRITING, but the girl sounds awful live...she should leave the singing of her songs to someone else!