Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Soccer for One. WHAT??

I'll admit - it's a little odd to just have one kid playing soccer this year.

Only one game to attend every Saturday.

No "divide and conquer" so kids can get to different games on different sides of town at the same time.

Weekly practices for ONE kid, two nights a week, instead of two kids usually on separate days, basically taking over our lives.

Less crock pot cooking during the week.

In other words, I kinda LIKE this! Thanks for deciding NOT to play this year, Dylan! He will make it up to us by playing basketball in the winter and baseball in the spring.

Here's Zack, playing forward, a member of the Destroyers, at a game where they actually destroyed the other team. Nice.

There they are. Don't they look like a bunch of Destroyers to you? And can you tell which one is mine? Hmm?

Go Destroyers!


Ali said...

I didn't know Dylan wasnt playing soccor, how come But thats cool about basketball and baseball!! :)