Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Chosen One

So, ever wonder how teachers choose which parents go on field trips when there are many who volunteer? You thought they draw out of a hat, right?


Dylan's teacher told me that she peeks to see who she is choosing. She likes me. She pulled my name on purpose. I got to go. Yay!

Dylan's class went to the Botanical Gardens this week. Good times for all. It's close enough that we walked from the school to the garden.

This is bark from a tree that feels like paper. Very cool.

Lots of neat stuff to touch...Dylan loved showing it all to me! I knew what this was yesterday and thought I would remember. No such luck. I could make something up...hmm....this is the Seedus Fresnous! (I love this picture!)

On our way from the school to the Botanical Gardens - the trek begins!

Dylan sat down on a bench then noticed that it said "Sanger" on it. Hey! That's where Dad works! He asked me to take a picture of it.

Sack lunch time! Dylan asked me to draw a star and a football on his lunch bag. Dig my art skills.

Corn seeds!

Dylan and his "very best buddy ever," James. Two peas in a pod.

Any day spent hanging with Dylan is a good day in my book!


Matt Madsen said...

Sounds like it was fun. Dylan had been counting down the days until the event. He was soooo excited that Nicole was able to go. He loves field trips. He is an explorer.