Monday, November 30, 2009

ThE HaPpIeSt PlAcE oN eArTh

Hooray for Disneyland! Matt and I decided to take the kiddos plus Zack's best bud Ryan to Disneyland last week for two days of memory-making. Mission accomplished.

Here they are, waiting in line to get into the park. They are a TAD bit excited, in case you can't tell. Even Matt!

All the boys, just after going on our first ride, Pirates of the Caribbean. I loved how they added Jack Sparrow to everything. He looked so real that it was slightly freaky.

Z and D at California Adventure near the enormous ferris wheel. I like this picture. Pure HAPPINESS.

Dylan was chosen for Jedi Training! Awesome! He was TOTALLY into it and VERY serious about learning all the moves and fighting Darth Maul. Such a cool show!

Graduate of the Jedi Academy. Happy.

Dylan, Zack and Ryan waiting in line to go on the Toy Story ride in California Adventure. It was WAY better than I expected! Loved it!

Dad and Dyl waiting in line for Grizzly Rapids. We got SOAKED.

Dylan saw this on the trash can and said to me, "Why does it say waste please? They want us to WASTE? You're not supposed to waste. Wasting is bad!"

Proof that I was there.

We survived!


Mr. Giggles said...

What a happy family! Great to see! (BTW, check out my blogs...)

Rebecca Jo said...

What a fun time... the smiles say it all!!!

The "Waste please" comment is hilarious!!!

Ali said...

Looks like you kids had fun!

Karen said...

Disneyland always makes me so happy. :-)

I love that I live right down the street!