Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Bike, a Book and the Boy is a Basket-baller

Just a little update on our goings-on of late...

Zack got a sweet new bike for Christmas, and has been doing a lot of riding on it. Yes, WITH a helmet. This is the obligatory pose-on-the-new-bike picture for mom.
(and yes, our neighbor has an El Camino, Deal with it.)

I caught Dylan sitting at the kitchen table the other day, reading like this. Totally at home. Notice he is reading a book about the presidents. Just ask him how tall James Madison was. He knows!
(FYI - James Madison was only 5'4". Can you say "little man syndrome?" And yes, those are the Halloween candy bags sitting there, with some candy STILL in them. Matt finally put them away the other day.)

And lo and behold, Dylan has started playing basketball! He's the kid with the gigantic arrow above his head. I posted this picture to illustrate his height. Notice he is taller than ALL the other 2nd graders. Oh yea! Hello, Cooper genes!
(he's also the cutest kid there, but that should be obvious.)

And check out his defensive skills! GO DYLAN! He was counting down the days until basketball started. We put a hoop up outside yesterday. Poppi told him he has to shoot 100 times a day. I am ALL for that!

And so our 2010 begins.


Karen said...

Sounds like the boys are staying busy. Glad your 2010 is off to a good start!