Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Lost Review - The Lighthouse

Oh my goodness, I actually have a little time today to do a LOST review...not sure if anyone reading this might care, but it is a good release for me! Ugh - I still can't believe its the last season. What will I LIVE for??

So here goes the show, from beginning to end, episode "The Lighthouse" with comments from me here and there...

Jack doesn't remember having his appendix out. Weird

Jack has a son that looks just like him.

"I could eat." -- Hurley. Really?

Jacob says someone is coming to the Island. Goody!

Jack and his son don't seem to have a good relationship. Who is the mom of Jack's son? Someone we know?

Claire seems totally normal except for the fact she doesn't wash her hair and is now a carbon copy of Rousseau.

Best line of the night...from Hurley. "He's dead, turns up wherever he wants ... like Obi-Wan Kenobi."

So Claire is nutso, and she thinks The Others have Aaron.

"I'm not by myself." - Claire. I was thinking this was Christian, but no!

If a crazy woman with an axe asks you if you are still her friend, you always say YES. Jin is no dummy.

Jack and Hurley found Shannon's inhaler and the caves. Are we going to see Shannon again?

"What if these skeletons are us?" - Hurley. My thoughts exactly, Hurley. I'll bet they ARE. Been thinking that since season one.

Jack is surprised they've never seen the lighthouse before -- AND SO AM I. Can they really just throw in a huge tall structure and expect us to think it has always been there? Come ON. But OK, I'm a fan and I will roll with it. For now.

Despite all the evidence, Claire still whacked that guy in the stomach with an ax. So, yep ... she's crazy.

Jack's kid can really play the piano - do we know of any woman he may have inherited that from?

I paused the TV as Hurley made the mirrors move around, and there are names crossed out at each space. "Linus" is one of them, and it appears "Wallace" is at 108 -- but that's crossed out too.

Jack found his name on the wheel and is turning the lighthouse to that number. "It's the house I grew up in ... He's been watching us the whole time." If you want answers, try not breaking the magic mirrors. Just saying.

Jacob - "I had to get you and Jack as far away from that temple as I could ... because someone is coming there. Someone bad."

Now Jin has decided the correct course of action is to lie to a crazy person. I do not think this is a wise choice.

"Am I interrupting?" Not Locke aka Man in Black aka Smokey. This must be the bad man headed to the temple.

"That's not John, this is my friend." -Claire

Not a lot of answered questions, but this episode really feels like a bridge to another one. Let's hope so! I've said ot before and I will say it again...I want to know more about LIBBY! And who is Jack's baby mama?

Thoughts? How did you (any LOST fans out there?) Enjoy the episode?


chanelle said...

Fun to read your thought on this one! I thought it was a good idea that Jin lied to Claire about her baby... it protects Kate for when they meet up, but I could be totally off about that.
Do you really think that was their skeletons?
Jack was married to that girl, Sarah, I think? But as far as we know they never had a kid. And why did Jack seem to have forgotten so much??

Karen said...

My crazy theories are that Juliet is Jack's baby mama and that the "Adam" and "Eve" skeletons are Rose and Bernard, who have been missing since the freighter blew up and the island started skipping around in time.

Aaah! There's so much to say. I should include you in the email loop I've got going with another blog friend. We've talked about most of this stuff and so much more.

And if Hurley doesn't change that red shirt soon, I'm going to go crazy. And if he dies...Carlton and Damon better hope they never meet me!

RebeccaMom said...

yes, it gets more and more twisted as they try to wrap it up! I haven't a clue as to what is really going on... maybe good vs evil between the black monster and Jacob- and the whole resurrection of John Locke... Who knows :) I loved the Obi-Wan Kenobi line too :)