Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday Tell-All: No Regrets, Just Lessons Learned

"When one door closes, another opens"

This week's assignment is to finish these two sentences:
I wish I would have.........
I'm so glad I....................

I have been thinking about this one for a couple of days now! There are a few obvious ones that I know some of you are aware of that I probably will NOT list on the blog...we won't go into THOSE today :o)
OK, here are a few things!


  • Learned to play the piano (to be fair to my parents, we didn't GET the piano til I was 16 or so, and by then I was WAAAAY too cool for lessons)
  • Gone to the temple more when I was fist endowed
  • Learned to golf
  • Stayed in better touch with some of my college theater buddies from Dixie
  • Started teaching voice lessons a LONG time ago
  • Cared a little less about name brands in high school
  • Taken more institute classes in college
  • Saved my money and taken a trip to New York to experience Broadway!
  • Learned how to sew
  • Been able to spend more time with two of my great friends, both of whom have passed away from cancer
  • Spent more time with all of my grandparents

  • FINALLY married the right guy - after knowing him for 15 years!
  • Had my two boys, right when I did! Love them!
  • Moved to Charlotte, North Carolina (aka "the mission field") and lived there for 7 years
  • FINALLY decided to teach voice lessons
  • TOOK many years of voice lessons!
  • Was VERY involved in activities, both in high school and college
  • Decided to be a theater geek
  • Have my OWN testimony
  • Made sure those two friends knew how much they meant to me, and that I loved them.