Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mom's spoon collection

I got a text message from my mom last night with this picture:
The message of the text said, "I got all my spoons out, and not ONE of them match! All 19!!" Mom then said that she had told my dad about this funny observation, and his reply was, "Well, they all work, don't they?"


(If anyone is missing an odd spoon or two, perhaps you should go see my mother...)


Tiffany said...

It made me feel better to read that Dylan also notices pretty girls. Keenan has also been noticing but his eyes fall on "older women"!

And how we wish we could pick some oranges and make fresh orange juice!

Loved the picture of you and Zack.

Alexis said...

Nicole! I am so happy you have a blogspot. I was so excited to go to your page. Zack and Dylan have grown so much. It is crazy! How are things going for you? We need to get Sarah a little blog going. I noticed that Ali has one too. We need the whole Cooper family to join in. I love that we have the same quote. haha. Too funny.