Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What's up at our house...

Life is rolling on as usual around here. All is well. Zack spent a lot of time this past weekend on his science project - we are happy with how it all turned out!

We had friends over to play last week - and I do believe this is the CUTEST. PICTURE. EVER. This is Dylan and his buddy Haley in the back yard. Haley's family is moving to Southern CA soon and I am going to miss them all madly. They are some of my favorite little kiddos in primary...the best singers ever!

Dylan made a dashiki in school last week, and was very happy to come home and show it off to us. He loves making crafts in Kindergarten.

Timothy the Tiger, the Kindergarten mascot, came for a sleepover last week. He had dinner with us, slept in Dylan's bed with him, and fed the goats (in the rain, no less). He especially enjoyed playing with Dylan's Star Wars characters. Dylan also persuaded Timothy to watch him while he played on the Wii. Timothy seemed to like it. Timothy is very quiet and polite. He is welcome here any time.

I also coerced the kiddos into letting me take a few photos of them. Posing for mom is NOT their favorite thing, but I am happy they will do it without too much complaining from time to time. Here are my fav's:



And the days just keep a-rolling by!


Sarah said...

Ohhh those pictures are so cute!! You really do have beautiful boys!! You seem to always have so much fun with them too!

Karsen said...

Pictures are so cute! I love the one of Haley and Dylan!

Luke, Katy, and Ava said...

I am so happy you found our blog so we can keep in touch :) BTW: remember so long ago when you brought up Amanda and I to basketball camp and we were "girl talking" is this the Matt you talked about then!? I am so happy that you found such a great guy. The boys are growing up so fast- I can't even believe it. You have such a cute family. I am jealous that you are living somewhere warm. It hasn't stopped snowing in Salt Lake I swear for about 2 months now- I need warmth! I am going to check your blog all the time now so I can feel warm :)

Nicole said...

Hey Katy! Yep - it's "the" Matt. Strange how this stuff works out, huh? Good to hear from you!