Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuesday Tell-All: Photo Op

This weeks challenge is to sum up your day, week, or month, with one photo and give an explanation.

Most of our weekend (well, mine and Zack's weekend...) was taken up with finalizing Zack's science project - "Which Kind of Ball Bounces the Highest?" We finished it! Woo-hoo! Pretty good for a first science project ever for either one of us! Seriously, I do not remember EVER doing a science project as a kid. It is entirely possible that I was so terrible at it that I blocked it out, so who knows.

Zack is my little Einstein - he had a really good time doing the experiment and putting it all together. Tune in later this week to find out how he does in the science fair, and to find out which ball REALLY DOES bounce the highest. I know the suspense is killing you.

Footnote: I thought about posting a photo of my pile of laundry that never seems to get any smaller, no matter how much washing I do...but I thought that might be a little too depressing...


Desiree said...


I'm a TTA friend and I loved your photo. What a fun science project for a kid to do!

Dancin Queen said...

Isn't true that school projects seem to take over your life. I can't even imagine when they're older... Crazy!

(TTA friend)

Coopercomics said...

It's a fact. Zack is the smartest kid alive!