Sunday, February 24, 2008

The 52 Blessings Project: Week 9

It has been SUCH a blessing for us to live here in Matt's parents' house while they have been serving their mission in Nauvoo. We have loved being here with all this space to run around! Dylan has become a real bushwhacker, and Zack loves to just wander all over the back yard, doing his "thinking". It's also been a great blessing to us financially. We will definitely miss it in MANY ways when we move out in April.

Happy kids - our first Christmas here at Madsen Ranch! It's a good thing we'll still get to come over once in a while :o)


Tammi Shepherd said...

What a fun place to live as I have said before it looks like the perfect kid place. Lots of room to run and play and expplore. Hopefully you will find something just as fun for your new home.