Friday, February 29, 2008

Flashback Friday: 1977

Little Nicole the artist. Lovely picture of Daddy Kelly Cooper, Mommy Micky Cooper, Nicole, little sis Jessica and teeny baby Emily on the far right at the bottom. Note that MY eyelashes are much more elaborate than anyone else's, and that MY dress is all ruffle-y and rainbow-y. This was also in my mom's "perm years," and my dad's "hair years." Note the hippie-ish hair past Dad's chin. Dad has a number on his shirt because we were always going to watch him play basketball or fast pitch softball. Emily is all one color, so I guess she was just a little baby "blob" to me back then. We are all tall, so looks like I have that part nailed. I think Jess' legs are STILL that long and lean!

I tried to find a picture of me with Jess and Em around that time. I couldn't find one, so I thought I would post this one instead. Apparently there were NO pictures taken of us with Emily when she was a baby. Perhaps I was beginning to sense that this would be the first of MANY babies to come...Anyway, the pic was taken in 1977 - I was 7 years old and Jess was 2. This photo was taken before the other 5 kids came into the picture and messed up our Harvard educations, our new cars at age 16, and our yearly family vacations to the south of France.

NOTE: Look at my face in this pic, then look at Zack's. Same!
Don't you love my stylish dress? Did we all have that Holly Hobby/Laura Ingalls look back then?

Finally, here is a picture a bit later of Me, Jess and Em (aka "The First Family".) This would be around 1979 or so. I look less than thrilled to be having this picture taken. The funny thing is that I remember ALL the clothes that we were all wearing in this picture. I LOVED this tank top - I wore it all the time. I remember Jess wearing the halter a lot, and Em wearing her outfit too. (Could be because we didn't have many clothes back then...) Looks like we are on a hike of some sort - a frequent thing when we were kids. We lived in Moab until 1982 and enjoyed all the surroundings every weekend. It was there that we all learned how to bait a hook, cast a fishing line, hike a mountain without too much complaining, camp in a tent, and squat in the bushes. All the necessities of life. No complaints here.


Jason, Amanda, and Sadie said...

YES! I love that picture of the three of you...your clothes are awesome.

Nicole said...

Yep - sweet 70's clothes!

Ali said...

Oh come on now, we didn't mess anything up. You wouln't have gotten into harvard anyway! hehe Love you!

Nicole said...

yeah, well, I guess we'll never know, now will we??