Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday Tell-All: Love List

This Week's assignment:

I'm sure you love your kids
I'll assume you love your husband
You'd better love your religion.

But............ what else do you LA-LA-LOVE.
Share your love list with us this week.

This will be a fun topic! Here's my LOVE list. I love...

  • the smell of a clean baby just out of the bath
  • documentaries about tornadoes
  • all things Jane Austen
  • the smell of vinegar
  • 4th of July in KANAB
  • laughing with my brother and sisters
  • a good long phone conversation with my mom
  • listening to my boys laugh and play together
  • hearing all the primary kids happily singing their little lungs out
  • when something I am teaching finally "clicks" with a voice student
  • listening to a good choir
  • Wicked
  • smoked oysters (I used to eat them on the back porch with my Dad - mom wouldn't allow them in the house because of the smell)
  • a clean house (preferably cleaned by someone ELSE)
  • a full tank of gas
  • going to the theatre with Matt
  • a long, HOT shower
  • watching my kids run and play on the beach
  • curling up to read a good book
  • shopping by myself
  • Diet Coke
  • eating out for breakfast
  • seeing the boys play with their cousins
  • strawberries
  • capris, t-shirts and flip-flops
  • buzz cuts on boys in the summer
  • Thanksgiving
  • going out with friends
  • weekly lunch with "the girls"
  • Family Home Evening
  • snuggling up with my family
...and that's the list of just some things I truly LOVE.


Cecily R said...

Wicked!! I knew there was something I forgot to add to my list!!

I know you don't know me (I linked over from the TTA blog), but we share a love of theater--it's on my list too. :)

Great list!

I LOVE your banner picture by the way!

Tammi Shepherd said...

All I have to say is ditto to almost all of your loves except the Oysters! I don't think I could stomach those.

What a fun post, it makes me reflect on of all the things I love too.

Marcie said...

Great list. Laughing about your love of tornado documentaries.

Desiree said...

I've never thought about tornadoes that way before! Fun list.