Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesday Tell-All: Never Say Never

I've NEVER...

  • been on a cruise
  • tasted beets
  • broken a bone
  • pierced anything besides my ears
  • dressed a child in PINK

  • finished a game of Monopoly
  • eaten venison on purpose
  • learned to play solitaire with REAL cards (computer only)
  • beaten "Slash" on medium level at Guitar Hero (YET!!! I'm coming for you, Slash...)
  • gone swimming with dolphins
  • learned how to dive
  • figured out HOW to use lip-liner effectively (I gave it a valiant effort, though...)
  • gone skydiving
  • had a calling in Young Womens
  • worked as a waitress
  • learned how to type with my fingers on the right keys
  • stayed at a Motel 6
  • been to a musical that I didn't enjoy on SOME level
  • seen a whale in the ocean (but I really want to!!)
  • been to the "TV TOWERS" in Kanab (Kanab folks will be shocked by this!)
  • fully understood the game of football (sorry, honey...)
  • met a dessert I didn't like
  • eaten a fig
  • been through labor that lasted less than 24 hours
  • had nail polish last more than a day without chipping
  • had a bad meal at Tahoe Joe's
  • tasted coffee
  • been inside a "Hooters" Restaurant
  • liked brussels sprouts
  • been to Italy - yet!


Jason, Amanda, and Sadie said...

No TV towers?? WAHHH??!!

Shakespear Family said...

Bumping into someone that is from Kanab is pretty crazy... We have only been here for 1.5 years and I am finally starting to feel like it's home. It's a great place. I will have to make it to the TV towers though and make sure my kids make it there too.... Sounds like it's a right of passage, thanks for letting me in on it.

~Savy* said...

Nicole, you have never been to the towers??? WHO ARE YOU?!?!?!?

P.S. Right before I got hurt I climbed to the tippy top of the highest one!! YEAH!

Tammi Shepherd said...

Oh the shock and awe of not going to the TV towers, I guess you know what you better do next time you visit Kanab. Too funny!

Sarah said...

Very Interesting , but like everyone else that has left a comment I to am shocked that you have never been to the TV Towers!:)

Cecily R said...

This is the greatest "I've never" list ever! Seriously.

I wish I'd never eaten a beet. Bleck.

The Green Bunch said...

Nicole - I'm here to make you feel better! I too have never been to the TV towers (and I lived in Kanab for 18 years!) I'm ok with this though. No regrets, just a never! I like the mystery of wondering where there could possibly be a road to such a place!

Nicole said...

No regrets here about not visiting the TV Towers either - just a never! Val, of COURSE you haven't been there! If you had, I probably would have been WITH you!

Desiree said...

I like the "yet" part of your Italy list. I know MaryAnn so the degrees of separation are thinning even more! Crazy small world. Hey there MaryAnn!

The Green Bunch said...

You bring up a very good point! LOL!!!!