Monday, February 25, 2008

HOT and NOT at the Oscars

My sister Amanda has a post up on her blog about the best and worst dressed at the Oscars last night - I thought I would add my two cents!

HOT! LOVED this dress that Helen Mirren wore! This was my favorite of the night.

HOT! Cate Blanchett can do NO wrong - I love her, and I love this dress! Different and beautiful. Gorgeous pregnant lady.

NOT!! Ugh. This dress did NOTHING for Jennifer Hudson. I adore her, but definitely not her fashion choices.

Can you tell I like red? Loved this dress that Anne Hathaway wore. Very classy.

NOT!! This black dress looks like a blanket. You can't see it in this picture, but there is one long sleeve and one short sleeve. Oh well - At least Tilda Swinton went home with an Oscar!


Jason, Amanda, and Sadie said...

Speaking of RED! I also love Katherine Heigl's dress. She is sooooo pretty!

Nicole said...

I loved her dress too, but her makeup was hideous! And when she presented and talked about how nervous she was - I thought that was kind of dumb. Oh well. Nice dress, though.

Cecily R said...

Tilda Swinton's dress looked like a trash bag. It was bad. I loved all the red!