Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tuesday Tell-All: Tiny Treasures

This week the TTA gurus have taken a break, so I went back and chose a topic that they did before I joined the TTA revolution...Tiny Treasures. The assignment is to show little "treasures' that add sparkle to your life. I had a really good time digging through all my little things. I highly recommend that everyone should do this once in a while! (I specifically challenge Valerie and Tammi to do a "Tiny Treasures" post. My version of a "tag" in blog world.)

Of course, my absolute favorite treasure is my wedding ring. Matt and I went looking at rings and he got a good idea of what I liked, then he had this ring made for me. I love it! I can't imagine ever wanting a different one. After he had it made, he surprised me by coming all the way from CA to Kanab for my birthday and presenting it to me. I love that he designed it himself. I love the oval stone. I still gaze at it all the time, enjoying the sparkle of it.

Another treasure is a necklace that Zack and Dylan gave me for mothers day in 2002. It's a mother and child - I think of my boys whenever I see it. I love it!I got this when I used to be the Events Manager for Best Friends Animal Society. It is a BFAS logo pin. It reminds me of all the fun events I managed, of travel and hard work, all the friends I made, and all the critters I had a small part in helping.These are pins representing Zack's Bobcat and Wolf badges - I didn't know when we entered this boy scouting world that when the boys earn their badge, the mothers get a pin. It was a nice surprise, and a wonderful way to acknowledge that mom really helps to motivate her son to work toward his badge. They had Zack pin them on me during the ceremonies. Very nice.
This next treasure is a necklace that Matt's parents gave to me a couple of Christmases ago. It is beautiful and I absolutely love it! Mom Madsen has really great taste in jewelry.
This next tiny treasure is a ring I actually bought for myself back around 2004 or so. My Grandma Pratt loved cameos, and it reminds me of her whenever I look at it. I SO miss her presence! She always loved to talk and talk about everything that was going on in my life, and gave the best advice. My favorite was "never go out without tic-tacs in your pocket."I adore this next little piece of costume jewelry! I wear it ALL the time in December - it's my first official brooch - I joke that I am now an old lady who wears brooches! I bought it because the last name of Matt's mother's family is Snow - and Matt's middle name is Snow. It reminds me of them. This next ring is one that I bought for myself - I got a whopping good deal on it and I usually wear it on my middle finger. It's very sparkly. It is my 2nd favorite ring, most definitely.
This is the first piece of jewelry Matt bought for me - a watch that I just adore. (Right now the battery has died so I haven't worn it in a while!)I love this necklace! It is a representation of the Seven Sisters constellation - it is of course significant to me because there are 7 girls in my family - Seven Sisters! I often wish that when I bought it I had enough money to buy one for all of my sisters. It reminds me of them and how much I love them all. My mother gave me this bracelet several years ago. It was given to her in 1967 when she took part in the Dixie Roundup Parade as the Dixie High School Christmas Queen. (Sorry, mom for ratting out your age!) I love this bracelet and of course it makes me think of my totally cool and totally hot mom :o) Here is the space I would have put my Junior Prom Queen crown if my mom hadn't let my little sisters play with it and break it:
Ha! Seriously, It was exciting for me to be the Jr. Prom Queen not only because my peers voted for me, but also because my mother had been crowned Junior Prom Queen of Dixie High School 20 years prior. A nice little thing we share.

Saved the best for last. Zack made this necklace for me when he was 5 years old. He is 10 now, and still occasionally asks if I still have the necklace he made for me. I assure you, if the house was on fire and I could only grab one thing, it would be this little treasure:
These are a few of my favorite things!


Jason, Amanda, and Sadie said...

Wow what fun little things! I wouldn't even be able to post 1/3 of the things you have!! PURTY :)

Coopercomics said...

I LOVE your cameo ring. It is really beautiful. I saw the picture of you when you won the Junior prom queen! It was in the newspaper....and it was sweet. I should take a picture of it and email it to you. :)

Tammi Shepherd said...

Ok, I saw you tagged me, but my goodness I dont think I even have a third of all the treasures you have. I will see what I can come up with. Loved all your treasures though.

Nicole said...

You might be surprised, Tammi - I was surprised at how many little things I actually had. It was fun to dig through it all! Looking forward to your post :o)

The Green Bunch said...

Mission accomplished! I accepted your challenge and have completed it! BTW you have very nice treasures!

Matt & Laura Edwards: said...

WOW! I LOVE your jewelry collection! Many pieces are very unique- I love that! I loved your story about Grandma, I miss her too. And I smiled when I read your advice from grandma about the tic-tacs :) She always had some with her.