Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Excitement and Other Fun Stuff

Well I am just a postin' fool the last couple of days...playing catch up from being gone for a week! I thought I had better post our easter pics before they get too out of date.

We love the coloring of the eggs! We all came away with bluish-green fingertips, but loved every minute of it. It's a messy ordeal, but always a lot of fun. Zack and Dylan absolutely love it.

Zack is a great egg-finder. The easter bunny came and hid all the eggs while we were at church this year, so we had great fun rushing home to get to the hunting part. This is Zack's favorite holiday!

Dylan also loves hunting for eggs. Here is a picture of Matt and Dylan counting them up. We certainly want to make sure that we have ALL the eggs - especially the boiled ones! One egg we found had been eaten on one half. A bird or a squirrel, no doubt.

And finally, It's career time in Kindergarten! Dylan wants to be a police officer. His teacher sent home a paper doll for us to decorate in the career of his choice. In a couple of weeks he will dress up as a police officer as well. Great fun for mom to put this all together! I really do kind of like doing this stuff, strangely enough...Dylan thinks his paper doll man looks kind of weird. I like him.