Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday Tell-All: The Working Girl

This week I am to tell about my favorite or least favorite job that I've had OUTSIDE of the home (we all know the hardest job is being a Mom), or just take a minute to document the jobs I've had. I thought it would be a good idea to document the jobs I have had - I have moved a LOT, so I have had a lot of jobs as well! I'll try to remember them all.
1984 - the year Van Halen released Jump, the year I turned 14 years old, also the year of my first job. Frostop. To apply, I remember writing my name, age, and phone number on the back of an order slip. Barbara, the owner, called me a few days later and asked me if I wanted to start work. No interview. Ahh, those were the days! Frostop was where all the "cool" kids worked, and where everyone from KHS hung out. A fun place to work. Everyone should have the fast food experience in their lives! I worked there up until the summer after my senior year.

1988 - just graduated HS and worked at the local arcade during the day, at the Kanab movie theatre in the evenings. The ding-ding-ding of the arcade drove me a little batty. Loved the theatre (or "the show" as it is called in Kanab).
1988-1990 at Dixie College - worked a few hours a week in the box office at the Dixie College Theatre. LOVED it. Also worked during the summers at Harmon's grocery store, and at Nielson's Bakery.

1990 - my first retail job - Brooks Atelier in the mall. LOVED working with the clothes. I thought I wanted to do this forever.
1991 - moved to Charlotte, NC to be a nanny to 3 year-old Huck, and later to newborn Haley as well. Sweet little southern kiddos. I loved them both! Later in 1992 was a nanny for Kristen for another family. Loved Kristen. Her mom? Not so much.
1992-1994 - worked for a men's clothing store in the mall. For the life of me, I can't remember the name of it. Got hit on a lot, which would have been ok except for the fact that I was a married lady at the time. Somewhere in there I also worked for Burlington Shoes as the store manager. They made me work 80 hours a week for salaried pay (no overtime) until I could hire an assistant manager. I kept hiring people, they kept taking them to other stores to manage. Did this for 5 months or so until I (finally) got smart and quit. Worked at a furniture store for about 5 minutes. Everyone smoked inside the office. Nasty. Had to quit cause I started having back problems.

1994-1995 or so - worked for Rapid Run Couriers as the office manager. Loved the people who owned the place. Jim and Baola. Named fish after them.
1995-1997 worked for the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce as an Event Planner. Loved it - made lots of important contacts in Charlotte. Got to work with the Carolina Panthers owners, and all the CEO's of the big corporations in Charlotte. GREAT experience. Then went to Event Planning International - managed a bunch of temps for event planning data entry. Loved those people!

1997 - pregnancy, childbirth. Whole life changed, awesome. Home being a mom - the BEST job.

1999 - moved back to Kanab with my little Zachary. Got a job at the Moccasin Justice Court as a court clerk. Cool job, cool people - learned a lot.
2000 - moved to Walnut Creek, CA - then to Sacramento, CA. Worked for a chiropractor for a while - he had a bit of a nutty wife. Scary. Then got a job with the City of Sacramento as an admin assistant. Pregnant with child number 2.

2001 - still working at City of Sac. Loving newborn Dylan. Life was a bit of a blur.

2002 - relocated to Pleasanton, CA - had to find new employment. Worked for the Contra Costa County Dept. of Child Support Services. EYE OPENING job.
Later in 2002, moved back to Kanab with my two boys. Worked for a couple of months doing data entry (UGH!) until I got a job at Best Friends Animal Society. Worked for them in membership, and then as the event planner even after I moved back to CA, Stopped working for BF in 2007. Now teaching voice lessons from home and teaching a choir class one day a week at a Charter High School.

Favorite job: Voice teacher
Least favorite: Burlington Shoes, as the abused store manager. I'm over it now, though.

Whew! I am tired from all that working! I think I'll go take a nap.


The Green Bunch said...

WOW! Looks like a lot of great experience! Lots of learing experiences I'm sure! I'm glad you are currently at your favorite job! Wish you lived closer - Jess needs a voice teacher!

Tammi Shepherd said...

My goodness, you are pretty much a jack-of-all-trades. I will know who to call when I need help, or have questions.
I am glad you have found your favorite jobs now, singing and being a mom, who could ask for more.

Sarah Greener said...

Holy Cow, you have had a lot of jobs! But yes like you said you learned a lot and that is pretty cool. That is so awesome that you got to work with the Panthers....so cool. I am glad that you are doing what you love to do now.

Alexis said...

I love that you worked at Frostop!

Ramsay's said...

That was a fun way to live a little of your life- without having to life the jobs! I am glad that you finally have the best job ever and the cutest boys ever