Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Photo of the Week

Boxes, boxes, boxes. Yep - it's moving time. Mom and Dad Madsen will be home from their mission in Nauvoo next month, so we are moving on down the road into our new home. (We are LITERALLY right down the road - less than a mile away!) Actual moving day is next Tuesday. I am trying my best (unsuccessfully) not to go too crazy with all the chaos, clutter and packing. Wish me luck.


The Green Bunch said...

That's great you'll be so close to Grandpa and Grandma! As for the packing - GOOD LUCK! You won't go crazy... you won't go crazy... you won't go crazy! But on the chance you do, I'll just let you know now, it's not all that bad after a while, crazy becomes the norm! Happy Packing!

hawkins said...

Love the picture Nicole. Call me if your boys want to come hang with my girls. I remember how fun it is to pack with helpers. (note the sarcasm)
Have fun, Gwen

Jason, Amanda, and Sadie said...

Aren't you a pro at packing by now?? So did you think I abandoned you?? Haha, never!! My internet has been down for a week! I have been going crazy! Love you! and you pics :)

Nicole said...

Oh, I am a pro, but that doesn't mean I enjoy it!!

Welcome back, Manda Panda!