Thursday, March 27, 2008

Manual Labor = True Friendship

Have I ever mentioned that I have the BEST friends on the planet? I put out the call to come and help me paint, and they all came a-running!

I spent most of the day today over at our new house with Sue, Rachel, Barbara and Monique. Awesome ladies, awesome painters. Love them! We got the master bedroom done today (a lovely "crocodile tears" green) and will do the boys rooms tomorrow. (Zack's will be gray, Dylan's a khaki color.) I'll post pics tomorrow.

Tonight is the ever-thrilling Pinewood Derby - Zack's last one! He definitely has the coolest looking car. I will post pics of that tomorrow as well.


Tammi Shepherd said...

Great cheese car. Jordans last derby car was a cheese car too. He named it swoosh cheese. Sounds like a fun night.