Friday, March 28, 2008

Derby Down

If you only have little girls, you are seriously missing out on the excitement that is the Pinewood Derby. This is Zack's LAST one, as he turns 11 later this year and goes into the boy scout program at that point. We always have a good time. We never worry much about actually WINNING the derby, but we put serious thought into the design of the car. Last year he had a rocket ship car. The year before, his car looked like a pencil. This year he had (dum da da dummmm)...The Cheese Car!

That's right, it's a wedge of CHEESE. Cool, huh? Zack is a big cheese lover - it was a natural choice for him. We thought about getting him a cheese-head hat, too. That didn't happen, but it would have been funny!

There were over 20 kids in the derby again this year (have I mentioned that we have a HUGE ward??) and it was fun to see all the different cars. Zack didn't win, or even come CLOSE to winning, but it was very satisfying to hear the huge group of cub scouts cheering "Cheese! Cheese! Cheese! Cheese!" as Zack's car rolled down the track. There weren't any super-competitive dads this year (thank goodness), and everyone seemed to have fun. Good times for all.

All the cars, getting numbered and ready to race:

CHEESE, racing down the track! The other car belongs to his good friend Nick.
"Cheese! Cheese! Cheese! Cheese!"

Cute Derby-watchers Taylor B. and Jacki K.

Buddies Dylan and Jacob (or "Jay-cup", as Dylan calls him.) They were seeing who could leap the farthest. Apparently Dylan has a career in leaping, should he choose to pursue it.

Zack and his friend Austin, trophies and cars in hand. Zack got the award for "Tastiest Car." Naturally!

An now alas, we ride off into the sunset and retire from the Pinewood Derby for a couple of years, until the madness begins again when Dylan turns 8 years old.

Cheese car, we hardly knew ye.


Sarah Greener said...

I love the cheese car. That is awesome, Good job Zack! That looked like a lot of fun. Oh and good luck moving:) Thats nice that you dont have to move too far.

Jason, Amanda, and Sadie said...

YES! Haha, the cheese car is awesome. THere is something about a group of kids chanting "cheese, cheese, cheese.." that makes me very very happy inside -haha! hilarious

The Green Bunch said...

What a great car! It looks like it was a fun night!