Friday, March 28, 2008

My Friends Rock

Another day of painting, another day of faithful friends showing up to help out. What would I do without these ladies?

Picture below is of Barbara and Monique painting Dylan's room. Barbara (on the left) is seriously the coolest Bishop's (well, ex-bishop's) wife on the face of the planet. She is also hilarious, tells it like it is, and paints a mean edge. Monique (on the right) was raised as an army brat, and teaches the best sharing time lessons in primary that I have ever seen in my life. I found out today that she also knows how to think FAST when embarrassed. I love these ladies!

This is Rachel, painting Zack's room. Rachel has SEVEN kids to take care of, and she still manages to come over and help me out for two days running. She is sweet, funny, fantastic, has a great smile, perfect teeth, and she's a whiz with a paint roller. The perfect woman. I love her!

Sue. What would I do without her? She is the resident pro on all things painting. Well, make that all things, period. Most of the paint supplies we used are hers. She gives without asking for anything in return, and I love her dearly. She also manages to paint without getting ANY paint on herself. How does she DO that??

Dylan and Brynley played while we painted until it was time for them to go to school. I plan on displaying this photo at their wedding reception.

This is Rebecca. I wanted to post her picture here too, because even though she wasn't there to help, I know she WANTED to help, but was unable to come. She is thoughtful and kind, funny, and a seriously hot mama. I love her too.

Good friends, good day.


Tammi Shepherd said...

What great friends you have. It is so much more fun painting and working when you have friends to enjoy it with. Good luck on your move.

Angie Cleveland said...

It's so great to gave good friends to help you out like that! You can count on us on Tues. to help with the move. Have fun this weekend packing! The clevelands

Anonymous said...

I love you, too. Rebecca AKA Misty

Jason, Amanda, and Sadie said...

well if you would have asked me I would have come, but since you didn't it is YOUR LOSS! Haha. Good luck with the move!

~Savy* said...

Dylan needs to marry that little girl. The pic is SOOOO cute!!

Ramsay's said...

I am so glad for you that you have good friends. They make all the difference!