Friday, March 14, 2008

Flashback Friday: 2004

I was reflecting today back to when Matt first came to Kanab to meet my family (well, he met my family back in 1990...but to meet them again...) and to meet my boys. I have never seen them take to anyone so easily and quickly. Matt was just MADE to be a father. How lucky am I?

This is a picture of Matt (goatee!) with the boys in our apartment. Dylan was 3, Zack was 6. Cute!

This is Matt entertaining the troops at my parents house. Pictured L to R: Zack, Dylan, Matt and my littlest sis. Savy would have been about 12 years old then.

Me with the boys in 2004. I am so BLONDE!! Look how little and cute they are...oh, how the time flies by...