Friday, March 14, 2008

Mamma Mia!

If this musical is playing ANYWHERE near you, you must make plans to go and see it! I was very excited to see this one - I had heard from several people that it was really good. Matt and I went last night. It did not disappoint! We both agree that it is the best touring show we have seen this season. (A good way to gauge a musical...if Matt doesn't doze off even a little, it must be REALLY good!! No dozing at all!) This would be a good musical for those of you whose husbands or significant others aren't big theatre fans - it's very entertaining!


Matt & Laura Edwards: said...

I've seen this show a few times and LOVED it every time!

The Terry Experience said...

We are headed to NY this summer. Perhaps we will have to add this one to our list. I have heard great things about it.