Wednesday, March 12, 2008


That's the first thing Dylan said when he got up this morning..."Four days!!" Yesterday it was "five days!" This kid is so excited to go to Kanab next week to see "Savy and her people," he can hardly stand it. We must count down the days until we leave (on Sunday) at least 10 times every day. Hey - it's a good way to get better at counting backwards!


The Green Bunch said...

I think you go to Kanab more than I do! And how long is that drive? Be careful and have fun!

Nicole said...

No - I haven't been to Kanab since last July! The drive is LONG. We are headed to Jess' house in Vegas first (6 hours), then Jess and I and the kiddos will go together from there.

Tammi Shepherd said...

Sounds fun!

I am jealous that you get to have fun with your family, and that your drive is not bad at all. It's 18 hours for us.

Have a great time with Savy and her people!

Jason, Amanda, and Sadie said...

WooHoo! We can't freakin' wait!