Saturday, March 22, 2008

Kanab Fun

Ahh, the K Hill! I love seeing the K on the hill when I drive in to Kanab. There is just something very comforting about seeing it there.

I remember when I was in high school, during my Junior year I was on the Executive Council and all the Exec. Council members went up the hill to "re-build" the K. (It has been re-built MANY times over the years...) It was a LOT of hard work, but really fun and rewarding. My kids get a kick out of seeing it, along with all the letters on the mountains all over Utah.

My Dad just had his garden tilled, so of course the kids really loved playing in the dirt. I don't think Dylan watched more than 1 hour of TV the entire time we were there - gotta love that! This picture is of Dylan and Sammy, digging away.

Savy is still recovering from surgery, but healing nicely! We spent a lot of time keeping Dylan from jumping all over her. He just loves her a little TOO much! This picture was taken up at the Kanab City Park.

Tuesday it was really chilly and windy, but we went to the Heritage House to take some photos of the kids together. This is the entire crew, plus a few!

Zack (10) and Ivy (9) are the best of friends. I love seeing them together. We all went up to the Landing out in Kanab Canyon to let the kids run and climb a bit. (I also made them all pose for a few pics, of course)

All the Cooper cousins!

More photos of all the kids to come in another post!


hawkins said...

I love these pics. You take great shots. I'm going to copy your poses. I'm glad you had a great trip. See you next week.

Alexis said...

Did you take all of these pics? You are great! I bet it was so fun to hang out with your family in K Town. I'm glad you love the K as much as I do.

Nicole said...

Yep - I took all the pics :o) I enjoy it!