Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The 52 Blessings Project: Week 17

Books, books, books, I love books. I love to read to my children, I love to listen to them read, I love to read in bed at night. Books are DEFINITELY a blessing!

Dylan's favorite book lately is the Cat in the Hat. I have read this every time I have put him to bed for the past week. The kid has a bookcase literally STUFFED with tons of books and this is the one he wants every night right now. He is also reading every sign he sees on the road lately. I love this stage in a child's life...when they figure out that every sign actually SAYS something. It's like a whole new world out there!

Zack's series of books he is enjoying right now is the Charlie Bone book series. It is a lot like Harry Potter - kids with special abilities away at a boarding school...he loves it. Occasionally he askes me if it is ok if he keeps reading after his obligatory 30 minutes a day is over. I tell him of COURSE he can keep reading! That is one thing he NEVER needs permission to do.

is reading The Talisman by Stephen King right now. I noticed it on his nightstand. He actually has a few books on his nightstand - he is a bit of a surfer when it comes to reading - he reads whatever strikes him at the moment. Me? I am a get-the-entire-book-read-before-starting-another-one kind of gal. To each his own.

I am reading A Breath of Snow and Ashes. It's the last book of a series by Diana Gabaldon. I started the first book about 9 years ago after discovering it in the Kanab library. Historical fiction with a bit of time traveling (Scotland Highlanders! British monarchy!) thrown in for good measure. A fun read.

I am so happy that my boys have inherited mine and Matt's love of books. I know their love of reading will only do them good as they grow.


The Green Bunch said...

Stuck on one book mode drives me crazy, but I do understand - and Cat in the Hat is a good one! Joe's favorite book when he was 3 or 4 was Marvin K. Mooney. To this day I can still recite it by memory having read it over and over and over and...

The Terry Experience said...

I too love to read! Sounds like I need to pick up what you are reading. A bagpiper like myself would surely love a novel or two with a scottish theme. Lately I wait for McKenna to finish a book and tell me if it is worth my time to read or not. She just had me read "Makeover". I thought it was a really fun read.

mom said...

Of course a little girl who slept with a book at naptime would have children who love to read! (that would be you)

gwen said...

Hey Nicole, I met this guy in spin class. He is a photographer, and takes awesome pictures. His website is We may use him for family pics this summer. Anyway, he is going to teach some classes this summer, and I'm thinking about taking them. Let me know if your interested, and I'll find out more info for us.

Jason, Amanda, and Sadie said...

Your a bunch of bookworms! I hope that my kids grow up to love books as well. There is nothing better!!

Lisanne Lee said...


This is Lisanne Lee (Christensen). I found your blog through Angie's and I'm so glad I did. Your family may as well be family as far as I'm concerned. Your boys are so adorable and I love your blog. You are so creative! I continue to hear wonderful things about you and all your abilities. It was good to see you this past weekend. I certainly miss the weather there.

Take care,


Nicole said...

Lisanne - thanks for leaving a comment! It was good to see you this past weekend - stop by the blog anytime and catch up on us (you ARE family as far as any of us are concerned!)

Do you have a blog? Let me know!! I'd love to keep in touch!